Relationships can add so much to our lives, but also be the source of much of our pain, disappointment and frustration.  If you are wanting to examine the patterns in your relationships, and develop more effective strategies around communicating, building trust, and increasing intimacy, I can help.  I love helping individuals understand themselves better, and being able to build and improve relationships in their lives. 




Learn how DBT SKILLS can help you:

- Manage the emotional storms in your relationships

- Stop the self harm and destructive behaviors in your life

- Discover ways to cope with crisis and/or loneliness

- Build and maintain stable and healthy relationships

- Express your needs and wants without fears  

How to Get Started with Therapy 

The first step in getting started in individual or group therapy is to fill out a 'Potential New Client' form and/or schedule an intake appointment via the online scheduler.  

You can call me, but most likely you will have to leave a message. Be sure and tell me the best times to return your call or leave your e-mail address if I can respond that way.

You may now schedule your appointment online. 

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